Our Team

Vezisoft Corp. is comprised of individuals who all have unique life and business experiences and are among the top rated professionals in their fields. We have all worked with Fortune 500 companies, organizations and institutions to produce incredible results in our fields. By combining our expertise we are able to offer you results driven services that stand out from the crowd.

Partners & Leaders

Marc Buchmann


13 Billion Trees planted. Director on 20 boards, CEO for 5 companies, excels in Technology and Business.


Paul Lipoth


Business Economics Master, Public company expert, advises on boards, secures financing, and connects people.


Grant Larsen


Marketing Master, teaches at University, has created brands for Sanofi, Kraft, Lenscrafters and more.
Launched 8 startups to 25m +


Thom Richardson

Technology Officer

AWS, Agile, Java, React, has a masters in business and a masters in technology. Owns 3 companies, has created franchises and sold them.


Ron Campitelli

Technology Advisor

Has worked with top Fortune 500 companies for 40 years. Experienced, successful, tempered. AS/400 to Windows Server Systems and Linux.


Jeffrey Wagner

Financial Guru

30 years venture capital, M&A, Business Development, Corporate optimizations.